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    Book your Holter Test!

      What is Heart Holter Test?

      A Heart holter monitor, also called a continuous ambulatory electrocardiography device, is a lightweight and portable device that can continuously record the electrical activity of the heart for up to 48 hours or longer depends on doctor’s advice. The most popular application for the Holter is long-term, continuous electrocardiogram (ECG) monitoring. It typically gets used when your doctor needs more information regarding the condition of your heart instead what a regular ECG can provide. It can also be used to assess symptoms that appear rarely or during some activities, as well as to track the efficiency of treatment and medications of patient’s Heart.

      The Holter device records each and every heartbeat during the time of test. Holter monitors are frequently used to diagnose arrhythmias, or irregularities in the heartbeat’s rhythm. By evaluating how the heart reacts to typical activities and stressful events, heart holter test can also be helpful in diagnosis of other heart diseases, such as coronary artery disease or heart disease.

      The Holter monitor test is painless and non-invasive. All you have to do is wear the device while carrying out your day to day activities. It’s very crucial to record your activities and any symptoms you encounter in your day to day life during the observation period.

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      What is the cost of Heart Holter Test?

      • A Heart Holter test’s price can vary significantly based on a number of factors, such as which healthcare provider you’re looking for, patient’s location, insurance coverage, and any extra services or costs.
      • Depending on where you live, the cost of heart holter test can differ significantly. The cost of your ECG/Heart monitoring may differ among urban and rural locations.
      • The cost of Heart Holter test may be partially or fully covered under health insurance plans. The amount you have to pay out of pocket will be based on your payments, deductible, and insurance plan.
      • There can be extra charges surged for extra services or for test results interpretations which are additional for base cost. It’s crucial to request a detailed breakdown of any related costs.

      Well Sleep Solution is the best choice that your heart holter test have while considering the price of ECG/Holter monitoring. The test is reasonably priced at Well Sleep Solution, with usual expenses ranging from Rs.2500 to Rs.3500. The precise cost, however, could vary depending on factors such as location, insurance coverage, and other services. For those who are paying out of their pocket, Well Sleep Solution, which is known for its superior medical test, might be able to offer financing options or discounts. Finding the greatest deal is usually a smart idea by comparing the prices and offerings of several others in business.

      Why choose Well Sleep Solution's heart holter test?


      Affordable & reasonable price

      Done by
      Experienced Technicians

      ECG/Holter monitoring is also done at home

      Device is comfortable to Wear all Day

      Records upto 7 days of
      Heart Rate

      report format

      Cloud based monitoring & recording

      What is the process of ECG/Holter Monitoring?

      Application of Electrodes: The Technician from Well Sleep Solution will place Holter monitoring device on the chest of the patient with tiny adhesive electrodes. The electrical signals from the heart are accurately recorded and monitored by those small electrodes which is fixed on the device.

      Holter Monitor Wear: Our Holter monitoring device is small, portable  and comfortable to wear. The device is so much light weight that it couldn’t felt burden on chest.

      Continuous Monitoring: Throughout the monitoring period, which may last from just a few days to several weeks, the Holter monitoring device collects data on the heart’s activity continuously. The data during monitoring is accessed through cloud based software.

      Normal Activities: Patients are encouraged to maintain their regular daily activities while wearing ECG/Holter monitor. Keeping a diary of activities and symptoms can help technicians to make reports and correlate symptoms with changes in heart rhythm.

      Return and Analysis: After completing the monitoring period, patients return the Holter monitor to Well Sleep Solution. The recorded data is then analyzed by experts and cardiologists to detect any irregularities, such as arrhythmias or other cardiac issues.

      ECG/Holter monitoring at home

      Convenience and reliability both are important when it comes to Heart holter monitoring. Well Sleep Solution provide the option of taking Heart Holter test at home in Delhi NCR. For prolonged holter monitoring, you don’t need to wait for extended Holter monitoring from any other medical facility provider. The test reports of our Holter monitoring services at home guarantees over all comfort and precise results.

      For Heart Holter test at home, we offer the highest level of accuracy and comfort. Our primary goal is to maintain your heart healthy, and we’re committed to giving you a trustworthy holter monitoring result.

      Contact us at 9717845752 to enquire more regarding our specialized service of Heart Holter monitoring at home. The well-being of your precious heart is only a phone call away.

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